Bagels & Lox

Hey everyone,

Yes, this is my second post tonight…at 2:00 a.m. But, I was trying to figure out what to make for lunch tomorrow, and was inspired by something I made last week. This is one of my all-time favorite lunches, Bagels and Lox. Reminiscing on my trips to Egypt, I remember the first time I had smoked salmon was on an airplane. It was on the Iberia airplane, a Spanish flight company. Not to deviate from the story, they served smoked salmon, or “lox” as some may call it, as a side for breakfast. Ever since then, I fell in love. I was young at the time, so I basically begged my mom to get me smoked salmon. When she looked at the price, she basically told me to “eat when needed” because at the time, no one else in my family understood the pure deliciousness of smoked salmon, so she was basically spending tons of money for me to eat it during lunch time. However, on the next airplane ride, my brother fell in love for smoked salmon too, so she started buying it more frequently. Anyways, this delicacy followed me through the years and had me searching for ways to get creative with it, being the creative foodie that I am. From there, I stumbled upon smoked salmon antipasti (or appetizers), smoked salmon sandwiches, and thus Bagels and Lox.

I love bagels, so when I found this recipe, I knew that it was made for me.  Yes, it has been a plan for me all along, or as I like to believe. Once I made it, I felt a sense of joy and satisfaction.

The combination of the chewiness of the bagel, the creaminess and tanginess of the cream cheese, and just the perfect, salty, soft-textured, melt-in-your-mouth bite of the smoked salmon was the perfect combination to satisfy my cravings.

I could eat this everyday, literally, if could. Sadly, I could get nitrate poisoning if I did, since it is raw fish. However, gives this to me 3 times a week for lunch and I am a happy camper!

I especially love to make it when I am studying, stressed, in a bad mood. It helps relieve my anxiety and gives me comfort. I could call it a “comfort food,” but it is pretty healthy, if you use whole grain bagels. Though, I do like the chewiness of a plain, everything, or poppyseed bagel. Moreover, I concocted one of the most perfect recipes for Bagels and Lox. If you want to try it for yourself, click here!

Right now, at 2:00 a.m. I am going to go prep my Bagels & Lox lunch for tomorrow and get some rest for work early tomorrow. Until then, tell me what kind of food interests you, and what you like to ear for lunch.








Stay sweet,

Hajer 🙂


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